Performance Enhancements

More than 1,000 Axcelis upgrades are available to increase your productivity, improve yield, reduce cost of ownership and extend your system's lifecycle. Every enhancement is designed to perfect your process and maximize the return on your capital investment. Below is a sample of some of these. For more information on these upgrades and many more, contact your local service team.

Eterna ELS3 Extended Life Source

Axcelis has leveraged its ion source technology expertise to deliver unprecedented cost of ownership advantages for advanced logic and memory applications. The new system extends source life by an unprecedented 500% improvement for Carbon, and a 500% improvement for Germanium applications. This improvement allows for higher uptime due to fewer service intervals. The system is available as an option on new tools, as well as an upgrade to installed systems.

Optimize High Current Yield and Capital Efficiency

The new Optimized Fast Scan upgrade optimizes on-wafer product yield, by reducing the effect of particle collision events that can result in defects or yield loss. Originally developed for the Ultra product family, the production-proven upgrade is now available on the GSD/200 Series. With enhanced process control, Optimized Fast Scan enables the processing of advanced technology node devices, extending the lifecycle of the system for maximum capital efficiency.

Yield Enhancing High Energy Upgrade

Available for the Paradigm and the HE3 platforms, the new Low Angle Implant upgrade is designed to deliver higher yields and improved overall device performance for your existing high energy implanter. Fab production data demonstrates significant improvements in uniformity, enhanced device performance, higher packing density, reduced transistor threshold voltage variability and transistor matching. The upgrade also allows significant extendibility into future technology nodes, allowing you to maximize the return on your equipment investment.

200mm High Performance In-Vac Handling Upgrade

Available for GSD, GSD/HE, GSD/VHE, GSD/Ultra, GSDIII/LED, and many SEN multi-wafer ion implanters, the upgrade delivers faster in-vac transfer time for increased productivity, repeatability and higher MTBF. In addition, it maintains particle performance at higher end station speeds, and lowers repair costs.

Heat Exchanger Upgrade

Available for GSD/HE, GSD/VHE, HE3, and Paradigm XE ion implanters, this upgrade dramatically reduces energy consumption and operating costs, lowers repair costs and ensures higher MTBF.

Maintenance Time & Particle Improvement Kits

Available for GSD, GSD/HE, GSD/VHE, GSD/Ultra, GSDIII/LED, Paradigm XE and HE3 multi-wafer ion implanters. The kits improve baseline particle performance, reduce excursions, reduce the time and cost of beamline and chamber maintenance. In addition, the lifetime of the V3 bellows is increased for optimized efficiency.