Our Purion XE series of ion implanters have rapidly earned a reputation as the industry standard for today’s demanding high energy recipes. Their unique RF Linear Accelerator (LINAC) technology offers higher reliability, a wider energy range and greater productivity than competing platforms, with superior metals contamination control.


The multi-filtration technology in our RF LINAC-based beamline filters out impurities other designs miss, achieving the industry’s lowest levels of metals and particulates contamination.


Proprietary VectorTM control system uniquely provides in-situ horizontal and vertical measurement and correction, enabling zero-degree implants.


Achieve throughput of up to 500 WPH, thanks to our high-speed Purion End Station and our RF LINAC-based beamline, offering the industry’s highest beam currents over the broadest energy range—from 40keV to 15MeV.