Purion H ion implanters bring the industry-leading process control of our medium current platforms to the full range of demanding, high-current applications. The flexibility of the platform enables us to tailor Purion H to the specific energy or dosing requirements of your application. The Purion H offers unmatched versatility, throughput and uniformity, so you can achieve greater yield with the lowest cost of ownership.


Scanned spot beam with Purion Contamination ShieldTM features unique five-filter beamline design with proven angular energy filter to achieve extreme purity. Patented, filament-free microwave Plasma Electron Flood (PEF) enables wafer neutralization with no metals contamination.


Purion VectorTM dose and angle control system provides independent control of X and Y angle axes, ensures highly precise, uniform dopant placement across the entire wafer. Unique dose rate control capability allows tuning of the implant profile for the most flexible damage engineering.


Our unique EternaTM ELS4 source offers industry-leading beam currents for high implant efficiency. Our high-speed Purion End Station enables throughput of up to 500 WPH.