• 500th high current system ships


  • NV-20A introduced with UNIX based distributed control system, an innovative approach that would span several generations of implanters


  • Eaton moves to its present location at 108 Cherry Hill Drive, previously the site of Cherry Hill Dairy Farm
  • The stage was set for a major transition in technology when we shipped the world’s first 200mm implanter to IBM (NV4)
  • NV-20 high current system is introduced. The system featured two Unimation Puma six axis robotic arms, which David Letterman famously used in an episode to handle viewer mail


  • The NV-1000 was introduced bringing LINAC based acceleration to commercial semiconductor manufacturing. This technology would skyrocket nine years later
  • The NV-200 Oxygen implanter was introduced, ushering in an age of commercial SOI production


  • NV-10-40 introduced
  • NV-6200 introduced
  • Banner year with record number of shipments and five separate facilities (included converted hockey rink) with shuttle service connecting the sites


  • A milestone year for the young company, Nova shipped its 100th system
  • Datalock introduced, first computer controlled supervision, another industry first
  • AT4 introduced, automating the wafer loading process
  • NV-10-160 introduced, and the single charged energy went from 80keV to 160keV