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Axcelis Ethics Policy and Reporting of Concerns.

Axcelis seeks to promote honest and ethical conduct, including the avoidance of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships, and compliance with applicable governmental rules and regulations.

Reporting of Concerns:
Axcelis encourages its suppliers to report any concerns regarding ethics or legal compliance at Axcelis:

  • You may speak in person, telephone, mail or e-mail our Supplier Ethics Ombudsman, Kenneth Glasser (978-787-9273 or
  • You may contact another member of senior management, including our Chief Executive Officer or the Chief Financial Officer; or
  • You may telephone a dedicated voicemail box at 978-787-9998.

Any reporting may be done anonymously, although we encourage you to provide sufficient information (including contact information) to allow us to undertake a productive investigation of the matter. All investigations will be handled promptly and in as confidential a manner as possible without compromising the effectiveness of the investigation.