Axcelis is committed to the recognition and safeguarding of human rights in all the countries in which we operate. We are dedicated to treating all employees and others with whom we do business with the highest degree of respect and dignity. In addition to being the right thing to do, adhering to strong social standards in our work is also good for business. Axcelis believes that respect for employees and ethical and conflict-free business relationships lead to the most productive outcomes.

As in other areas, our social values begin with compliance with all laws, regulations, industry standards and other requirements pertaining to our business. This includes laws relating to the rate of pay, working hours, non-discrimination and harassment, whistle-blower reporting and anti-retaliation, as well as anti-corruption, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Our commitment exceeds compliance, however, and we apply the highest standards of these principles globally, regardless of local laws. We express that commitment in writing, in both our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and in Axcelis Human Resources policies, including our Ethical Business Policy, and our Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Policy, and our Workplace Violence Prevention Policy. Most importantly, we exhibit our commitment to these values in our everyday relationship with our employees—from the terms of our offers of employment, to our work scheduling practices and our on-going compensation and performance review standards.

Axcelis extends our social values to our Supply Chain, through our Supplier Code of Conduct. Axcelis, as a US public company, also complies with the Conflict Minerals supplier inquiry, due diligence and reporting obligations imposed since 2014 under US securities laws. The objective of this law is to eliminate from the supply chain minerals sourced from certain mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries where the proceeds are used to engage in violence, causing humanitarian crises.

Our social values also include reaching out to our community, through corporate donations and sponsorships and volunteer activities. These include charitable giving to support education, family financial and social stability, and other basic needs in the communities where we operate. Axcelis employees actively participate in campaigns and activities designed to build strong, vital communities.