We actively promote sustainability, helping protect the health of people and the environment. As a foundation for these efforts, we are committed to compliance with all environmental regulations, legislation, and other environmental requirements applicable to our business and its environmental aspects. Beyond legal requirements, we seek to conserve natural resources, by making our products energy-efficient and by reducing the environmental impact of our business operations.

Examples of our sustainability initiatives are:

  • Establishment of a combined heat and power system at our headquarters, which generates electricity for our own use while producing heat, reducing the use of our boilers
  • Participation in a Massachusetts solar energy credit program
  • Promotion of commuter services aimed at reducing our carbon footprint
  • Implementing recycling programs designed to minimize waste and ensure responsible disposal of solid and hazardous waste.

Axcelis has been certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard since 2000 and we maintain a comprehensive environmental management system that defines and tracks our performance to environmental goals.

For the first time in 2019, we have published an Annual Report on Environmental and Safety Concerns to ensure our customers, investors and employees understand the scope, and results, of our commitment to sustainability as well as to product and workplace safety, as discussed on these pages.

Axcelis is a founding member of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC) of SEMI