Ensuring the health and safety of our customers, employees, and neighbors is a critical priority for Axcelis. As in the Environmental space, we start with compliance with all occupational health and safety laws, regulations, industry standards and other requirements pertaining to our business and related occupational health and safety hazards.

Our efforts to minimize risk arising from human interaction with our products is the foremost focus of our safety initiatives. The safe operation of our products requires control of significant hazard sources, including high voltage and hazardous materials. We actively work to ensure our products incorporate all appropriate safety features, and that our employees and customers receive the necessary training to properly utilize them. We act promptly to address any safety concerns raised by employees and customers, and consider product safety to be a critical deliverable to our customers.

At our workplaces, we focus on preventing injuries from all causes, as well as illnesses.  We consider occupational safety as an area of continuous improvement. We set appropriate, achievable objectives and targets for the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses. Our employee education programs are an important part of our commitment to occupational safety. Beyond addressing the commonplace hazards at work, Axcelis has considered and addressed risks arising from workplace violence, recently expanding on our Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and implementing new training in this area.

Our new Annual Report on Environmental and Safety Concerns shares our commitment to, and achievements in, environmental stewardship, and product and workplace safety with our customers, investors and employees.