The Optima XEx is a 300mm, single wafer high energy ion implanter offering the full range of implant energies matched to meet the changing needs of today's advanced device manufacturing. The Optima XEx is the industry's most productive high energy ion implant tool.

  • Broadest Energy Range. The Optima XEx provides the industry's widest energy range from 40keV to 4.5 MeV - a single tool solution to support chipmakers' dynamic high energy requirements for DRAM, NAND and NOR FLASH, embedded memory, image sensor and logic device manufacturing.
  • Highest Productivity. High speed wafer handling (500 wph) combined with the highest usable beam current results in a two-fold productivity advantage over the competition.
  • Most Reliable Accelerator. Utilizes the production proven RF Linear Accelerator Technology, with the world's largest installed base and benchmark performance levels of >90% uptime.
  • Most Precise Implant Control. In-situ angle measurement and control in both the x-scanned and y-non-scanned axis, and a patented isometric-scan robotic scanning system delivers unmatched precision implant control.
  • Upstream Dose Control. Unique system positions the dose measurement system strategically within the beam line, allowing it to make precise dose measurements while being unaffected by photoresist outgassing. The results are precise, uniform implants at the highest possible throughputs.

Optima XEx