The RapidStrip 320 dual-chamber, dry strip system provides reliable and repeatable 300mm resist strip processing at the lowest capital and operating cost. RapidStrip tools are qualified for production on technology nodes down to 28nm.

  • Fast, effective cleaning. Axcelis' downstream microwave plasma generator and chuck-based wafer heating ensure complete and uniform photoresist removal, wafer after wafer, with monitoring in real time.
  • Precise Process Uniformity. Small, independent chambers enable the fastest ash rates while allowing for high chamber matching tolerance and optimized recipes on individual chambers.
  • Lowest Overall Cost. Compact design, providing the smallest footprint in the industry, with no chiller or power distribution modules, saves fab space and minimizes operating, facilities and capital costs.
  • Highest Dual-Chamber Throughput. Efficient wafer handling, combined with Axcelis' advanced system control software, achieves exceptional throughput and reliability.

RapidStrip 320