The RapidStrip 210 is ideally suited for small substrate size applications in the MEMS, LED, and packaging markets, and offers the most cost effective means of adding incremental capacity to your fab on a modern, production proven platform. Designed for 75mm to 200mm substrates, the system features RapidStrip downstream microwave plasma source and process chamber technology. RapidStrip 210 uses advanced system control software to provide exceptional level of productivity and reliability.

  • Fast, effective cleaning. Axcelis' downstream microwave plasma generator and chuck-based wafer heating ensure complete and uniform photoresist removal, wafer after wafer, with available monitoring in real time.
  • The Widest Process Window. The microwave plasma generator used on RapidStrip 210 produces stable, repeatable plasma characteristics on the widest range of O2-based, fluorinated, and non-oxidizing process chemistries. Applications in production include BCB and PI descum, thick resist (>5 microns) resist removal, plasma treatment, bondpad etch, and nitride etch.
  • A Benchmark for Low Cost, Small Footprint. Single chamber design allows the smallest possible footprint, >100 wph throughput, and allows addition of capacity in single-chamber increments.
  • Advanced Controls Architecture. The RapidStrip is built from 300mm generation controls and software, not from pre-Windows XT legacy controls. DeviceNET component communication, process data storage and retrieval, and GUI design, all use software and network designs that are current generation, yet reliable and production proven.