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Axcelis' high current implanter provides solutions for device manufacturing's lowest energy applications and highest dose requirements with the versatility and extendibility to provide solutions beyond today's 22nm technology node. The Optima HDx has been designed to maximize beam current, minimize beam setup time and delivers the most uniform, repeatable and productive process across the high dose applications space.


Enabling Ion Implantation Technology

Axcelis is recognized around the world as a leader in ion implantation with thirty five years of innovation and technology leadership. We manufacture a complete line of high current, high energy and medium current implanters for semiconductor device manufacturers worldwide. Our ion implanters support the ever growing global demand for semiconductors by enabling the production of the most advanced device technologies, planar or 3D.


At Axcelis, we make semiconductor manufacturing more productive every day. The company's product offering comprises a powerful suite of ion implantation systems, one of the most critical and enabling steps in the IC manufacturing process.  Chip manufacturers around the globe rely on Axcelis' tools and process expertise to form the transistors that are at the core of every semiconductor device.


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