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4 Ways To Enhance Your Productivity and Process Performance in 2013

By Olivia Keller, Product Marketing Manager

Many customers are surprised to learn that Axcelis offers more than 1,000 upgrades for its large installed base of 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm high current and high energy batch implanters. We’ve always been committed to delivering long term value to our customers, and a key part of our commitment is to develop evolutionary products that allow for the continuous improvement of your Axcelis installed base.


The following series of 'Conversation With A Scientist' and '60 Second Update' videos feature membersof the Axcelis team providing insights on ion implantation technology trends, and methods you can use to optimize your performance. For more information on any of these topics or to request an in depth presentation at your organization, please contact us.

Beam Angle Control Upgrade

Implant Damage Engineering with Reduced Temperature: How cold is enough?

By Michael Ameen, Ph.D., Chief Process Scientist

Axcelis introduced wafer temperature control as a process variable for matching implanter platforms over 10 years ago.  Now, chip manufacturers are investigating reduced temperature implants to control leakage and improve activation.  This article investigates the limits of cold implants as far as l



Technical Publications:

Exemplary Ion Source for the Implanting of Halogen and Oxygen Based Dopant Gases
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Beam Energy Purity on Axcelis XE High Energy Ion Implanter
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Implant Analysis Applications:

Download your complimentary copy of these unique applications from Axcelis, a world leader in ion implantation technology. These tools will give you insight into your implant process to optimize your performance and your productivity.

Ion Calculator: Reverse Polish calculator with implant utilities, periodic table, mass aliasing, isotopes, physical constants, conversions and more.
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Advancements in Angle Control and Correction to Meet Today's Critical Device Requirements

By Dennis Kamenitsa, Applications Scientist

The implant beam angle, for current and future device scaling, has become critical with respect to device parametric control.

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