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Axcelis' Form SD and Conflict Mineral Report for the year ended December 31, 2013, as filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, are posted below:

Axcelis Form SD and Conflict Mineral Report 2014 (pdf)

Axcelis 2014 Conflict Mineral Report (pdf)


Individual Brilliance, Collective Strength

Axcelis' reputation is built on the strength and quality of its staff. At Axcelis, you work with a diverse group of experts across a wide variety of disciplines, including materials science, physics, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing excellence. The environment provides an opportunity to investigate and collaborate to solve new problems and develop enabling solutions for advance device fabrication.


Global Network, Local Service

At Axcelis, we are committed to supporting our customers wherever in the world they do business.  Our global footprint includes 30 field offices serving customers in 12 countries – and over 900 employees worldwide.  Axcelis' specialized field service organization encompasses a worldwide network of highly skilled support engineers dedicated to optimizing the performance and operation of Axcelis equipment.


Axcelis has an active Community Contributions team focused on charitable giving in the areas of education, science and technology in the communities in which we are located. Axcelis employees actively participate in various campaigns and focused activities throughout the year, designed to build strong, vital communities. In addition, the company's employees have been leading donors to the North Shore United Way for over two decades.


Axcelis is fully committed to preserving the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community. The company is presently at work on a variety of initiatives to reach these goals. Here are a few.

Employee Education: Our world class EHS department provides comprehensive training for all new and current employees through classroom-based and online courses, and proactive communications programs. In addition, they encourage awareness and action by facilitating educational events with external experts.


At Axcelis Technologies, we are committed to taking an active part in protecting the health and safety of our most valuable assets - our employees and customers. In addition, Axcelis is committed to protecting the environment and the public health of the communities in which we operate. Axcelis has been certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard since 2000 and we maintain a comprehensive environmental management system that defines and tracks site performance to environmental, health and safety goals.


Axcelis is committed to creating a brighter tomorrow, by creating innovative technology that helps us take better care of ourselves and the planet. This philosophy guides the way we design and manufacture our products, how our products perform in operation, and the positive impact we strive to make on our communities.

With everything we do, we try to make a difference. Whether we are designing systems to use less electricity, developing enabling device technology to extend battery life, or optimizing our recycling programs – we strive to work smarter, safer and greener.


Guided by Insight

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mary Puma has been Axcelis' Chairman since May of 2005 and CEO since January 2002. She played an instrumental role in the company's spin off from Eaton Corporation in 2000, when she was named president and chief operating officer.


Our values shape everything that we do, and underpin out relationships with customers, suppliers, investors and the community. Our values of Teamwork, Empowerment, Accountability, Speed, Quality and Opportunity were defined by Axcelis employees at the time of our becoming an independent company. They reflect the best of what Axcelis is, and serve as a constant reminder of the attributes we must work to maintain.

Value Pyramid


At Axcelis, innovation never sleeps. At Axcelis, we're committed to making semiconductor manufacturing more productive everyday. Whether that means developing a new process, designing a new piece of technology, or optimizing our business systems - we're focused on propelling innovation to new heights.

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