5 Essential Upgrades for 200mm That You Should Consider Now


It has been a strong year for the 200mm implant market as growth in mobile applications and the Internet of Things drive demand for more capable and cost effective devices.  Many fabs are at capacity, and in search of upgrades that bring added productivity and performance. The solutions below deliver customer inspired upgrades for long term value. Our goal is to increase implanter productivity, precision and capability with the aim of reduced cost of ownership.  Below are 5 of the most successful upgrades that are proven to satisfy customer productivity and cost of ownership needs.

1. GSD High Performance End Station
    Quickly Adds Capacity and Reduces CoO

Many of our customers who need to ramp capacity and are four-walled constrained have requested a solution that can increase capacity as well as improve their process.  The GSD High Performance End Station (HPES) upgrade was developed specifically to address these needs.  Customers using this upgrade in production report up to a 17% increase in wafers implanted per day, and up to a 53% reduction in defectivity.  The HPES is a hardware and software integrated productivity upgrade. It combines advanced wafer handling hardware with low g-force mechanics, to improve the ratio between implant and non-implant time by eliminating up to 50% of in-vacuum wafer handling time. This upgrade is available on nearly all GSD models and is the fastest and most cost effective way to quickly add capacity.

The new in-vac wafer holder and cam-driven transfer arm assemblies enable up to a 50% improvement in disk load and unload time with measurably better defect performance. The cam-driven transfer arm allows for precise wafer placement, repeatable end station set up and virtually eliminates related wafer drops. The HPES reduces your cost of consumables, labor & energy on a per wafer basis. All together, the upgrade effectively increases your implant bay productivity with no additional clean room space required. 

Customer data shows an average of 10.7% increase in productivity and up to a 53% reduction in defectivity. 

Productivity Increase

Particle Performance

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