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Insightful Applications:

Implant Analysis Applications:
Download your complimentary copy of these unique applications from Axcelis, a world leader in ion implantation technology. These tools will give you insight into your implant process to optimize your performance and your productivity. Designed for systems running Windows XP or newer operating system.

Ion Calculator: Reverse Polish calculator with implant utilities, periodic table, mass aliasing, isotopes, physical constants, conversions and more.
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New Version! 2D Implant Simulator: 2 dimensional ion Monte Carlo program that uses LSS theory for electronic stopping and ZBL potentials for nuclear scattering. Now includes ability to simulate Plasma doping as well as Beamline doping.
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Technical Publications:

White Papers

Photoresist Strip Challenges for Advanced Lithography at 20nm Technology Node and Beyond
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Study of Post Plasma Doping Photoresist Strip
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Integration of High Dose Boron Implants - Modification of Device Parametrics through Implant Temperature Control
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Angle Performance on the Optima XE High Energy Implanter
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Study of Controlled Oxygen Diffusion Approaches for Advanced Photoresist Strip
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Extreme Outsourcing: Axcelis' New Manufacturing Strategy Aims to Lower Costs, Speed Time to Market
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Inside the Technology:

Productivity, Precisely. How can you guarantee that every point across the wafer sees the same beam and the same angle? Let us show you how with the innovative RadiusScan endstation.