4 Ways To Enhance Your Productivity and Process Performance in 2013

By Olivia Keller, Product Marketing Manager

Many customers are surprised to learn that Axcelis offers more than 1,000 upgrades for its large installed base of 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm high current and high energy batch implanters. We’ve always been committed to delivering long term value to our customers, and a key part of our commitment is to develop evolutionary products that allow for the continuous improvement of your Axcelis installed base. Our goal is to increase implanter productivity, improve yield, reduce cost of ownership, and extend your system's lifecycle to maximize the return on your capital investment. This is especially important when fab floor space is scarce, or during downturns when capital budgets are not robust. Below is a sample of some of our most popular upgrades as well as some new ones.

High Performance End Station Upgrade
This upgrade was designed to significantly enhance system productivity and defectivity performances for the GSD high current and high energy platforms, as well as SEN implanters.  Major design improvements are delivered in the in vacuum handling area that reduce transfer time for increased productivity, improve wafer handling precision and repeatability for minimal defectivity and extend maintainability, and simplify practices. Key assemblies of the upgrade: a wafer chuck and a dual cam arm that are Quality proven prior shipment. Customers using this upgrade in high volume manufacturing are reporting a boost in productivity, higher MTBF, and measurably reduced particulate levels and enhanced yield.

The C Cure Transfer Arm option can complete your High Performance Endstation upgrade. The arm enhances change dissipation and increases material durability and stability to minimize operating cost.

High Performance Endstation

High Performance Endstation

PowerDose Upgrade
One of the most enabling upgrades you can install on your GSD platform to dramatically improve precision and process control is the PowerDoseTM. Your dose control system will be increased by faster processing capabilities, additional memory and communication through Ethernet enabled. The implant beam signal is amplified close to the faraday. PowerDose enables the dose control system to monitor your implant with advanced precision – upon the option selected Fab Engineering personnel are able to track and interlock in line implant processes (for example: beam height, beam width, beam current). This Dose Control system is also a bridge to advanced Optimized Fast Scan to enhance defectivity management.

Thin Wafer Handling Upgrade
The rapid growth in new automotive and enhanced packaging devices is driving a greater need for thin substrates. These can be a challenge to handle and process, without causing stress to the wafer. Axcelis has designed a unique combination of hardware and software enhancements that transfer and implant wafers with minimal and monitored forces from in to out of the system. This unique solution includes new robotics, environmental controls, optimized in-vacuum transport and technology solution implemented to the disk. This upgrade now enables the production of these wafers grinded down to 55µm wafer thickness on the GSD high current and high energy platforms. And, once upgraded, the implanter still maintains its ability to handle standard substrates, without any configuration changes required, for manufacturing flexibility.

150mm Thin Wafer Handling Capabilities

150mm Thin Wafer Handling

Dual Axis Beam Angle Control Upgrade
This upgrade is aimed at enhancing beam accuracy and repeatability to ensure precision dopant placement, which becomes increasingly important as we move down to smaller nodes. The offer includes a disk refurbishment, which upgrades the equipment disk with a proprietary beam angle deflector mask positioned at precise location. A new software upgrade will enable angle measurement and correction in both α and β directions. Field data has demonstrated significant benefits to those high energy Well and Source Drain extension applications. The upgrade is available on high current and high energy systems, for 200mm and 300mm systems.   Extend your systems’ precision into the next technology node with this innovative upgrade.

Beam Angle Control, Angle Accuracy is +/- 0.15º

Bean Angle Control

To receive more detailed information on these upgrades and MANY others, please contact us.