Axcelis is fully committed to preserving the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community. The company is presently at work on a variety of initiatives to reach these goals. Here are a few.

Employee Education: Our world class EHS department provides comprehensive training for all new and current employees through classroom-based and online courses, and proactive communications programs. In addition, they encourage awareness and action by facilitating educational events with external experts.

Product Safety: All of our products are designed to comply with regulations to ensure employee and customer safety as well as to reduce our impact on the environment. We design them to have the longest lifecycle possible, use fewest materials, utilize greener packaging options and be as energy efficient as possible. In addition, we have implemented a new REACh compliance program to increase awareness of hazardous chemical substances contained within our products.

Commuter Services: To reduce our carbon footprint, Axcelis provides employee benefits promoting alternative, environmentally friendly commuting including preferred parking for carpools and bicycles. Axcelis is also a member of the North Shore Transportation Management Association, allowing employees access to a variety of commuter services and incentives including personalized research, Ridematching, Green to Work incentive program, Guaranteed Ride Home Program, and reduced ZipCar membership fees.

Recycling: Our approach to recycling is company wide – from the way we package our products for shipment, to the way we dispose of solid and hazardous waste in the office and the manufacturing floor. We've set aggressive targets to reduce and reuse whatever possible, wherever we can. This past year we achieved a significant goal of reducing hazardous waste, allowing us to change our permit status from a Large to a Small Quantity Generator of hazardous waste.